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      I/we hereby give irrevocable permission to the Property Manager, Landlord or it's agents to obtain at any time a consumer/credit report about me/us, to contact previous landlords to obtain information about my/our previous tenancies, to contact agencies that provide landlord information, to contact my references, and to take any other reasonable steps necessary to assess this rental application or for any amendment or renewal of my/our tenancy. I/we provide my/our irrevocable consent to the Property Manager, Landlord or it's agents to disclose information from my rental application and information arising from any tenancy between us to any third party for the purpose of contributing information to a database of tenant information to be used in providing consumer/credit reports.
      I/we agree to allow Property Manager, Landlord and it's agents to share my personal information with third party services providers such as BELL and Cogeco. Please check box if you consent.
      The Applicant is hereby notified that a consumer report containing credit and/or personal information may be obtained and referred to in connection with this Application.